Monday, August 9, 2010



The site is an automated online job matching system provide by the Ministry of Human Resources. This site provide facilities for job seekers to seek suitable job and for employees to get their right candidate. Job seekers can do online job application while employers can manage the application using this site. This site is important to improve the mobilization of the nation's human resources and to ensure that manpower utilization is optimized through the systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies. This site become a one stop centre for labour market information that will be accessible to the public, both locally and overseas including Malaysia student studying abroad and potential foreign investors.


I always visit this website to survey job vacancies offer by government and private sector. This is a free portal to all and no form of payment required in any registration and application. From this website we can search information easily because they provide link with other agencies. They also provide all info about data job vacancies and job filled and they advertise all the job vacancies in convenient way for job seekers.

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