Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Excercise in Topic Ethics and Privacy

Question 1:
Which service is most appropriate for your home computer?
Ans: Ibackup for Windows is appropriate for my home computer.
Ibackup for Windows has benefit feature that give me online backup/restore if my data in my laptop or desktop suddenly damage. Ibackup can automatically safe my critical data/files/folders.

Question 2:
Which service is most useful for the server that is used in the computer lab at your school?
Ans: Ibackup for Mac.
Because Ibackup for Mac have special features which is it can backup data from multiple computer to a single account and also share files or folders for collaborative access. Other that, Ibackup Mac can backup files or folders from the mapped, networks and external drives.

Question 3:
If you had critical data you needed to backup, would you use a service like this?
Ans: Yes, I will use this services if i have critical data need to backup.

Question 4:
Why or Why not?
Ans: Because this services automatically backup all my critical data and save my data from damage.
I also can view all the report and view my backup jobs.
Beside that, Ibackup support and restore in a large files up to 6 g.
It give an advantage and convenient way to save my data from lost or damage.

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